23 January 2014

Double Zero

Dottie is zeroed at 50 yards.  I settled on that because from muzzle to 200 yards is within 2.5" of point of aim.

I confirmed that the scope was parallel to the bore by shooting at 100 yards too.  Same inch to the right as at 50 yards and the expected inch high because of ballistics.

With this zero the range lever in the forward position should give a range between 425 and 450 yards.

I am also VERY impressed with my group at 100 yards!  About an inch with SSA brand 115gr Sierra Match King LE load.

Olga is also zeroed at 50 yards with M193.  The zero needed checked because I tinkered around with the mount and leveled the scope since the last time FuzzyGeff shot her.  I remember him being frustrated with trying to get it zeroed last time he was down, and the scope was almost 25˚ off level!  I noticed that now the scope SEEMS like it's not level, especially off hand, but it definitely is.  The reticule is parallel to the rails and those are parallel to the ground now!

From the bipod she's particularly sweet to shoot now too.


Pure happenstance… My choice of a 50 yard zero matches the ballistic arcs between the round I am using (6.8x43mm SSA-SMK LE Load) and the round the sight was originally calibrated for (7.62x51mm L1A2 ball) out to 400 yards.  After 400 yards this loading of 6.8 drops precipitously compared to 7.62 NATO.

Plus, just for the naysayers...  7.62x39mm M43 from an AK hits 25 inches lower than 6.8 at 400 yards.

Because I wanted a better than 5.56 and better than 7.62x39 gun, I feel so very validated!

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