22 January 2014

Change Lever

The range lever on the S.U.I.T. scope gives a ranges of 300m and 600m for British 7.62x51mm L2A1 ball ammo.

Israel re-marked their scopes for 5.56x45mm M193 fired from an M16 at 250m/450m.

I did some figuring...  The lever moves a cam that depresses the scope 11.24 mils.

A 25 yard zero with the lever to the rear is also a 300 yard zero with 6.8x43mm SPC firing 110gr Pro-Hunter bullets.  That 11.24 mil change resets the zero to 542 yards.

With this zero the bullet hits 5.3" high at 100 yards and 6.75" high at 200 yards.

A 100 yard zero makes the long range setting about 440 yards.  At 200 the bullet hits 3.83" low and 15.84" low at 300 yards.

I think that the 300 yard zero is actually more useful!

Update: moar pix...

This picture also shows how much offset the scope has from the centerline of the bore.

Update Two:

Looking at the tables for the 115gr SMK, I think I will zero at 100 yards.  That makes the range lever 100/400; but all shooting out to 250 yards is very close to point of aim.  About 9-3/4" of hold over at 250 just for the record.  That's doable.  And 100 yards is about as long a shot as I think I can justify hunting, let alone post-hurricane apocalypse ranges which are going to be MUCH closer.

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  1. Thank you for the picture. It makes a ton of sense now.


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