13 January 2014


When was it decided that dragons don't have forelimbs?

It bothered me in Dragonslayer and it still bothers me in Desolation of Smaug.

Fire breathing wyverns they are.


  1. Smaug has forelimbs----his wings. Having him be quadrupedal plus having wings would make him a hexaped, which would make dragons different from all other land creatures.

    1. Ants (and most other insects) aren't land creatures? ;-)

      Our host has already mentioned other exceptions to your statement, given the typical fantasy setting....

  2. Dragons _ARE_ hexapods! Great miserable pedantic dunderhead! That's the entire point of the complaint about the quadrupedal "dragons" in Dragonslayer and Desolation of Smaug.

    I sentence you to make five characters using the Traveller 5th Generation rule set to make up for your transgressions against decent gaming everywhere.

  3. And while you're citing, "different from all other land creatures"... Centaur? Pegasus? Alicorn? Manticore? Gryphon? Hippogriff?

    Don't bring science to a fantasy fight. Fantasy has magic that fucks physics, chemistry and genetics.


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