30 January 2014


Thanks to the FN Grand Pussiance my 9mm seal is broken.

Apex has taken out an ad for the back cover of Surplus Weapons.

The Mk II is the appealing one to me, but it's the death of a 1,000 cuts building one.

Kits don't come with a barrel.

$140 for the T-Stock parts kit from Apex (Gunbroker is similar).
$75 for a marked steel tube that can become a receiver from Indianapolis Ordnance.
$285 for their semi-auto conversion kit.
$130 for their 16" 9mm barrel.


$85 for an 8" 9mm barrel and $200 for a tax stamp.

$630 for a semi-auto "ghost STEN".

$785 for a semi-auto registered SBR.

922r is a factor...  Green is US part required for build regardless.  Bold is US part available but imported part useable.  Strike through is not-applicable.

Barrel Extension
Muzzle Attachment
Bolt Carrier
Op-Rod (And this assumes the cocking handle counts)
Gas Piston
Trigger Housing
Buttstock (might be US made out there)
Pistol Grip
Forearm (+$60)
Magazine Body
Magazine Floorplate
Magazine Follower

That's discouraging...

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