24 January 2014

SKS and 922r

Erin asked...

As is typical with 922r, it should be simple...

The SKS in stock form has...

A reciever

A barrel

A bolt

A bolt carrier

A gas piston

A trigger housing

A trigger

A hammer

A sear

A disconnector

A butt stock

A forearm or handguard

A magazine body

A follower


A floorplate.

15 items.

Guess what?  All 15 can be foreign made if you leave the rifle in its stock form as this is importable under 18 USC § 925 (d) (3).

Those 15 items begin to matter when you alter the configuration by adding AWB features.  Like a pistol grip or flash-hider (which are separate items on the list!)

So...  Adding a folding stocked pistol grip stock would give the gun 16 countable parts; and two of them are in a single part.  So you'd have 14 of 16 being foreign made now.  Since most of these stocks also come with the forearm, you will have 13 "bad" parts now.

Ironically changing the factory 10 round fixed magazine over to a 30 round detachable brings the count down to 10 and makes it more AWB like.  Add a gas piston from Tapco and you're well below the minimum.

A quick search for compliance parts yields links to kits which are exactly the above; new stock, forend, magazine and gas piston.

There are some stocks that don't change the 925 (d) (3) status of the gun, so you don't need to worry about the count; like "draganov" and thumb-hole stocks.

As always; I am not a lawyer!  This should not be taken as legal advice. Consult an attorney before proceeding.

As an aside:  I am not aware of a single prosecution of an individual over a 922r violation.  If you know of one, please link in the comments!


  1. "As an aside: I am not aware of a single prosecution of an individual over a 922r violation. "

    Nor am I. However, I am also unaware of how many people have been threatened with 922(r) prosecutions in order to get them to stool for the BATFEIEIO.

    There was a dude at gun shows back in K-Town who was proverbial for carrying a MAC-10 with a VFG-equipped barrel shroud through every gun show for years. ATF stool? Who knows? Don't care to find out.

    1. Excellent point.

      I think we should also mention how many obviously non-compliant guns are out there as well. 922(r) is the worry of the well informed and paying attention gun owner and not that of the "hey this is cheap" crowd who's become interested in guns recently.

      A whole raft of people who're easy pickings for 922(r) and don't have anyone to stool on.


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