17 January 2014

Crit Success Up My Sleeve

I said I was gonna, so I did.

Take that Mr DuToit!


Zack at Addictive Art is who did my tat.

By the way, Quinn from Vintage Ink:  Yes, I stopped in a got a quote from you.  You might notice that I didn't put down a deposit?  Well, you never got back to me on two other tattoos, did you?

Also, when someone with misophonia asks you, "please don't chew gum," don't go over to the gumball machine and load up then chew your cud while asking questions.  I asked you not to, you asked why, I explained, THEN YOU IGNORED THE REQUEST.  You can't listen to a simple request like that from a customer, why should I trust you to do what I want with regards to something permanent?

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