17 January 2014

Things You Learn

When you experiment with every part the AR ever came with and make measurements.

An XM16E1 lower weighs 2.34 lb.
M16 (Late R604) and M16A1 lower is 2.27 lb.

Those have the rubber butt plate without storage compartment.

An M16A1 lower with the storage compartment is 2.56 lb.

The longer M16A2 lower is 2.43 lb.

An A2 lower with a Magpul MOE Rifle stock is 2.65 lb.

Top to bottom: "Type D" XM16E1, M16 and M16A1
"Type E" M16A1
M16A2, M16A3, M16A4
Magpul MOE Rifle

Just changing the buttstock can mean fairly large changes in weight.

An XM177E2 lower with the aluminum collapsible stock is 2.2 lb.  Change that to the later fiberlite it drops to 1.87 lb.

The present M4 lower is 2.01 lb.

Going all modern and putting a Magpul MIAD pistol grip and a mil-spec CTR stock tares around 2.23 lb.

Magpul stuff just always seems heavier than USGI, doesn't it?


  1. Very educational. Fascinating that the A2 lower is lighter than the A1. A2s are generally seen as being very heavy guns, but I think that's rather overstated.

    1. It's where the weight was added on the A2 that makes it seem heavy. The stock is lighter than an A1, but everything in front of the pistol grip is heavier.


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