13 January 2014

Just Noticed Something

I was reading about how a talk show's copy of a screener DVD had been leaked to the torrents.

Every once and a while such films have a caption, "This viewing copy is provided for awards consideration only and is not for sale or public presentation" or similar disclaimer.

What I just noticed is the people voting on the awards are not expected to actually support their own art form by paying for a ticket, running the snack bar gauntlet and planting their ass in a theater seat.

And if they're not going to pay for it when their livelihood is at stake, how can they expect us to?


I'm talking about Oscar screeners not copies given to critics.  The distinction was crystal clear in my mind when I posted, but obviously I didn't bother to actually SAY it was about Oscar screeners.



  1. No different than book reviewers getting ARCs so that there will be reviews available for the public when the book hits shelves.

  2. Review copies for critics are loss leaders to generate buzz to promote sales. Oscar screeners are... self congratulatory?

    Because you intimidate me so I can't really reply well. ;)

    I just think the entire process of the Oscars is strange.


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