26 January 2014

Hazards Of Role Playing

Dial up the way-back machine...

My group in Ames did marathon sessions.  Noonish on Saturday until 3 or 4 am on Sunday was the norm.

As such we'd be feeling a might peckish and would often go out to a 24/7 establishment like Perkins or Village Inn for breakfast once the game broke up.

One such morning we were at Country Chef on S. Dayton...

The campaign we'd been playing was cyberpunk and the players were beat-cops of the dystopia.

Another key feature of our visit was my car; a 91 gray Chevy Caprice; cars just like it were still in service at this time.

We're sitting there in our booth drinking our sodas and waiting for the waitress to come back and talking loudly about the session.

I don't remember what triggered it, but Mike says, "Yeah, but we're cops and we can do anything we want!"  He practically yelled it.  And in context it was hilarious!

After a bit I notice that we'd had our drinks refilled about ten times now and the waitress has yet to take our order.  I also start noticing that there's other groups who seem to waiting on food and were there before us.

I flag the waitress over and tell her we're ready to order.  Every other word of her reply is "sir"...

"I'm sorry, sir, but our cook, sir, ran out the back, sir, we're trying to get someone else to come in and take over, sir..."


"You guys are cops, right?  I heard him," pointing at Mike, "say you were cops.  When I mentioned that to the cook, he left and left me all alone here to deal with everything!"

She probably thinks to this day that there's some state police agency that hires at the exit of a lunatic asylum from the gales of laughter that was our response.

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  1. I swear, 90% of things that manage to make me laugh aloud are related to tabletop gaming shenanigans.


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