13 January 2014

My Forgiveness

In my Placekeeper post, I mentioned that S&W and Ruger have made amends.

I am less certain about Colt.

They for so long really acted like they didn't need or want the commercial market.

The numerous, preemptive and voluntary changes they made to their AR's just made them seem willing to sell out for more sweet government lucre.

At least H&K, while they hate us for sucking, was ham strung by both German AND US laws about what they could sell and import.

I don't think that Colt ever really did anything to deserve being boycotting.  They got a defacto boycott from me because I didn't want a neutered AR and I couldn't afford one of their 1911's for so very long.  Add that to the small fact that they no longer make the Colts I want to buy like a Python or Anaconda.

Their history of late has been that of catching up while others dominated the markets they discovered.  The AR and Mustang are glaring examples here.

One thing they actively did that pissed me off was their LEO sales policies.  There were no legal reasons to not sell LE marked rifles to anyone who had the money, and many dealers decided that private cash was just as green as police.  Sanctioning LE dealers for selling to non-LEO customers and refusing to service or warranty those guns was bad form.

Bad form that didn't last very long at all.  They'll just happily sell you an LE6920 as a C6920 now.  And with the merger back into a single corporate entity, I am not sure that there's any difference between the two models.

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