15 January 2014

OK This Sucks

Well, I got my "raise" in my disability check.  I can now supersize my dollar menu selection!


The leg that I have the service connected disability for is getting worse.  My tentative call to the VA about it implies that they will increase the disability, but the person on the phone had zero idea how to start the process since the person who does that stuff is on vacation.

How does one start the ball rolling to see if the VA will do something besides cut check?  When I first complained about the pain ten years ago, they offered over the counter meds and invited me to gut it out (they didn't say it that way, of course).

Now the pain is worse, the limp is worse and I'd really like some relief.

Is showing up at a VA clinic the right thing to do?  Showing up at the VA Hospital in Des Moines didn't get anything done.

This is one of those times when I wish I was in the VFW or American Legion because I hear those clubs have people who help their members navigate the VA's crap.

I really don't want to waste days finding out I started the process wrong.


  1. If you are getting a VA check, you should be getting care. I"m rated 40% and get full care plus my monthly check. Check with your local DAV post. They helped me out when I started the appeals process years ago. You might also want to check with the VA office at the Des Moines federal building down town.

  2. That's a bit of a commute from Tampa... I need to get my stuff moved to a more local office.

  3. Maybe the office local to you would be better. ;)


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