12 January 2014


Just to remind me why I stopped buying, or refuse to buy products from certain makers.

HS Precision.  Have they even said they were sorry about hiring Lon yet?

Troy Industries.  Hired Lon's partner!

Buh WHUH!?!

I am willing to forgive if I get an apology and the company sins no more.

S&W is a good example.  The new owners made good dumping the Clinton deal.

Ruger is less good, but they seem to be dumping Bill's bullshit in deed if not word.

1 comment:

  1. Yep S&W has openly admonished the prior owners deal with Clinton.

    Ruger is mum because they (understandably) don't want to tread on old Bill's grave. I respect that, as Old Bill is the reason why they have a job...but they want to KEEP that job by selling ARs, pocket pistols, and extended 10/22 mags.


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