06 January 2014

Siege Dwarfare

Siege has an excellent little bit on the overabundance of "official" stats for Dwarves in GURPS 4e and stats for his own setting.

After he mentioned it, I found two more official templates.

That brings the "official" template count to four.

GURPS: Basic Set
GURPS: Dungeon Fantasy 3: The Next Level
GURPS: Fantasy
GURPS: Banestorm

Gee, you'd think that they'd have pared it down to just the one, wouldn't you?  Especially since only one of the templates is world specific and tied to a previous edition's canon.

1 comment:

  1. I THOUGHT I'd seen a dwarf template in Fantasy, but when I was writing that up I couldn't find it in there. It's kind of halfway between the Basic Set and the Dungeon Fantasy 3 dwarves.


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