06 January 2014

Weight And Six Point Eight

Dottie tares in at 7.4 lb. without a magazine.

Truth be told half a pound of that is the mount for the Trilux.

So taking off that mount and going with just the irons and 25 rounds she's just 8.2 lb.  That's acceptable, really.

But...  With the optics, 25 rounds, sling and light she's 10.3 lb.  With the bipod it'd be 11.1 lb. but I only use that at the range to zero the scope.

For hunting (which is theoretical since I don't) with a 5 round mag and no light she'd be back down to 9.3 lb.!  A bit heavy to tote all day.

I often forget the 0.4 lb. of the sling, but it's there.  Like you don't really notice how heavy your shoes are until you have to walk all day in them.

Playing around with what to put onto the gun, or not, feels so similar to the min-max process of making a character it's eerie.

Olga, by comparison is 8 lb. without a magazine, bipod, sling or optics.  All up with everything she climbs to 11.8 lb.

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