01 January 2014

Po Boy

What the LaRue Tactical Po Boy is:  A Hensoldt Wetzlar 2.5x 25mm telescope mounted in a standard LT-649 30mm pivoting mount with a spacer to take up the 5mm difference in the tube diameters.  Update: it was also available in the taller LT-755 mount.

LaRue ended up with a supply of the Hensoldt scopes from... I don't think it was ever definitively proven where the optics came from but the supposition was that they were off something like a recoiless rifle or other AT weapon that was being withdrawn from service.

What it does is sit behind a red-dot and make it into an illuminated fixed power 2.5x rifle scope.

Originally I had it mounted on Dottie behind an EOTech 552.  I stopped using it because when I changed over to the Aimpoint M4s and LaRue LT15-9 rails the barrel nut interfered with where the Aimpoint had to be to fit the magnifier.  It sat on a shelf in the closet for a few years.

The other day I bumped into it and wondered... "What if?"

Because I'd decided on at least a 4x scope for Dottie and 6.8x43mm, and had successfully mounted the SUIT L2A2 on her, the Aimpoint had a new home on Kaylee.

I had it mounted as far back as it would go, but wondered if I could mount it way forward.  The pertinent question being, "will it clear a standard delta ring?"

Turns out, yes.

All up 9.5 lb.  6.3 for the rifle, 1 for the magazine, 0.9 for the Aimpoint, 0.7 for the Po Boy, 0.2 for the X300 and 0.4 for the MS3.
You can see light between them!

Po Boy mounted and pivoted out of the way.

In firing position.

The view through the unmagnified Aimpoint.
The view with the camera back where my eye would be.  With the Po Boy folded out of the way like this, it's kind of an ersatz spotting scope too.  VERY ersatz.
The view magnified 2.5x!

I liked this unit when I first bought it and I am happy I held onto it.  If I recall correctly it was a mere $230 when a genuine EOTech 3x magnifier was $400 so it was worth losing 0.5x.  The whole thing is 0.7 lb. and has the handy LaRue quick detach lever to shed the weight should I want to.


  1. Are those P Boy's still around?

  2. The glass was surplus, and once those ran out; so did the PoBoys from LaRue.

    They're out there on ebay and gunbroker though. And still cheaper than Aimpoint or EOTech's magnifiers!


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