20 January 2014

Purple Sling Review

Erin's clearing house for the donations to Squeaky made mention of Echo Sling.

They donated product to the encouragement raffle.

So I bought a sling from them, and mentioned to Matt why.


The Tabitha Sparkle carbine has gained yet another purple part.

It's a sling and does everything a sling should.  The material is drag your truck out of the mud bog tough while being pretty enough to take to the fancy bar where they check to see if you're really wearing shoes!

The stitching is strong and well done.  The quick size adjust didn't work the way I expected, so I did it wrong a few times before comprehension struck.  Harvey didn't have any troubles with it at all, so I suspect that it's a "me" thing.

My only complaint is that it's 1" wide.  Military slings are 1-1/4" and so my swivels are a bit too wide and that leads to some bunching and snagging on the rubber coating on the front swivel on Tabitha.

The narrower swivels that came with FuzzyGeff's Weatherby, The Lovely Harvey's 10/22 and the original swivels that came with the wood stocks on my 870 are all 1" and this sling would be perfect there!

There's just not much to say about a sling that works.  There's LOTS to say about slings that DON'T.  This one works, so there's not much to say...

I am very pleased with this sling and it will be retained as part of Tabitha Sparkles next iteration (flat-top middy M4 with purple cerakote).  If you need a strong, tough sling; go here.  And don't let the website fool you!  If you want a color he doesn't have in his store page, a quick email will more than likely confirm he has the color you're thinking of.  Since they are made to order, it's not even more expensive to get an "off list" color.

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