24 January 2014


Now that I am done complaining about story and plot decisions made in Gravity...


The special effects are exquisite.

This sets the standard for hard science fiction for quite a long time.

I've even read a decent explanation about why George Cloony had to cut himself loose.  The parachute shrouds were still slowing them down and didn't have enough pull to decelerate the mass of them both before they slipped out.  With just Sandra Bullock's mass, the shrouds could stop her in time.  So he cut loose.

Yes, it's nearly Marvel No-Prize in depth for an explanation, but it does kind of work.

The tech looks correct, so you can forgive the whole Shuttle program being long dead before the Chinese get their station up.

Now that we know Hollywood can do zero G believably, we should start demanding it from their offerings from now on.

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