17 January 2014

We Made What Now

FuzzyGeff's Olga is a heavy AR.

But after watching Lone Survivor, I noticed something...

Olga is a budget SPR Mk.12 Mod.0!

It's a coincidence.  Geff was going for an accurate rifle on a budget that was different from what Marv, The Lovely Harvey and I were making so I could play with the maximum number of novel parts.

Loaded as shown (less sling), she's 11.4 lb.  The SPR Mk.12 Mod.0 is 10 lb and most of the weight savings is in the 2" shorter barrel and the PRI carbon fiber free-float tube.  Considering Olga was a mere $1,400 total compared to $1,864 for just the upper on a Mk.12 with no optics, we did good.

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