19 January 2014

Trilux Range Day

Took Dottie out to the Florida Firearms Academy, Port Richey range to zero the Trilux.


I had "zeroed" the optic using a laser bore-sighting device.  Aiming at the X in the top right target yielded the three hits in the 7-ring low and right of the point of aim.

Adjustments to the scope went all wrong and the next three rounds weren't even on the paper...

So I moved my point of aim to the center X and found them hitting the 7-ring of the lower right target!  The elevation adjustment is marked E-D for elevation and depression.  They mean you are elevating the sight, not the point of impact!  L-R work to move the point of impact.  Silly Brits.  The hit in the 8-ring on the lower right is from the second elevation adjustment and confirmed I was going the right direction now.  Then I managed to dial it in so that it nailed the center perfectly!  But when the Trilux is parallel to the bore, point of impact should be 1" left of point of aim at all ranges, so I adjusted it to hit the line between the 8 and 9-rings.

One last adjustment and back to aiming at the top left target...  Almost exactly 1" left of point of aim.  That smaller than dime sized group is from a Bison Armory 16" Recon Profile barrel; get yours today!  Edit:  It should be 1" to the right of aim, 1/4 turn of the dial should move it over to the other side.

All of my shots were taken from a bipod at 25 yards.  Willard shot at the top left target off-hand and his groups widened up a bit.

I'm very pleased with this outing.  The MOE Rifle stock is a lot more comfortable than the CTR stock as well.  Damn me for a fashion victim in not going to a fixed stock earlier; or rather not staying with one... because in June of 2008, Dottie wore an M16A2 stock.


  1. Why do you want your impact one inch left of center? Is the scope parallel to the bore along the x-axis or the y-axis (or somewhere in between)?

    Or is this just "'how it is done"? And, one inch left at 25... does that not put you four inches left at 100, etc.?

    Full of questions I am today. Probably ought to know the answer to most of them. Perhaps I just have a case of the dumbs today.

    Neat setup in any case.

  2. I think I might have gotten it backwards. The objective lens is offset 1" left of the bore. So if it's parallel to the bore the impact should be 1" RIGHT of point of aim. Easily fixed and I was planning on going to the 50 yard range on Thursday.


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