29 January 2014


There are only two groups in the US that are clamoring loudly to legalize the rather large number of folks who originate from south of the Rio Grande.

The illegal aliens themselves and the Democrat party.

The motives of the immigrants is clear.

The motives of the Democrats is a bit more vague; yet it seems they are recruiting for the Free Shit Army who vote lock step.

Last count I saw said there were 8 million illegals.

There's at LEAST 12 million Americans looking for work who'd probably be OK with the concept of "bring a head of a dead mexican and you get a job!"

I don't think we need more people who need jobs.  We need government and regulation to get out of the way so that business can do business instead of compliance.

When we've got everyone who's got citizenship working, then we can talk about importing labor.

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