08 January 2014

Has It Been That Long

Fifty years ago today, LBJ signed us up for the War on Poverty.

Fifty.  50.  Five Zero.  L.

I seem to recall certain folks comparing the war on Tarrah Terror to WW2.

We entered World War 2 on Dec 8, 1941 and were done with the shooting part on Aug 15, 1945.

Less than four years.

War on Poverty: 50
War on Drugs: 41 in June.
War on Terror: 13 in September.

Of course the last real war we fought where we actually pulled all the troops home was World War One!

We've still got troops occupying territory from the Spanish American War; 115 years.

World War Two segueing into The Cold War saw troops remaining in all three Axis nations.  69 years this year.

We're still in Korea.  60 years.

We fought a win in Vietnam, but didn't do what it took to keep it.  But, hey! the troops are all home!

We're still on station from the First Iraq War.  That's old enough to drink now.

We're still in the Balkans, old enough to smoke.

I am thinking we don't fight to win anymore.  We don't like what it means to do what it takes to win, so we do things half assed until critical mass is reached politically to just give up.  Which is far worse than never fighting in the first place.

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