21 January 2014


Tooting my own horn...


If you are considering purchase of an ACOG, but are a but stunned by the $1,500 price tag...

Consider hitting GunBroker and picking up a SUIT.

It's only about half a pound heavier but can be had for about $250 plus $40 for the TAPCO mount then another $40 for a replacement tritium illuminator.

There's no bullet drop compensator, but there is a range lever.  In the rear position it's 300m in the front it's 600m for .308 and 250/450 for 5.56.  Not sure where it's going to line up with 6.8...

The lever is, in my opinion, superior to a BDC because you don't have to calculate your range then pick the right stadia.  With the lever the sight picture is the same, you put the pointer on the target with the lever selected to the correct distance and shoot.


  1. Pardon my ignorance, but what does SUIT stand for? Typing SUIT into Gunbroker's search engine yields 0 results. It sounds like something I'd pick up.

  2. OK....I used my daughter's laptop for the comment above. My wife says I'm NOT Frezzylicious.

  3. SUIT = Sight Unit Infantry Trilux. Searching for Trilux usually gives results. If you DO decide to get one, they come in waves on Gunbroker for some reason. There's patches where none are listed then there's like ten.


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