20 January 2014

What I Did Saturday

The Lovely Harvey has a couple of friends who live in the real sticks.

They own a green-house, plant delivery company and need the 3.5 acres they live on for the business.

They also have expensive tropical plants that are like candy to raccoons.

They have a big ass husky and a akita/husky mix that are supposed to handle the 'coon problem.

Alas, a 'coon had barricaded itself inside the greenhouse and would not depart.  The husky got himself 15 new stitches for his effort to extract said 'coon.

They don't have a firearm in the house.

Dog failed, call man with gun.

Thanks to Robb's post I girded myself by looking at the FL wildlife commission web page and discovered that out in the boonies you can pop 'coons to your heart's content as long as you don't us a gun AND a light; that requires a permit.  In broad daylight, no need for a light at all.

Because of the maneuvering room where it had holed up, I used my .38 Super.

One round got it out of the hiding place, a second finished it.  Bad shot placement because of the angle on the first shot and it was moving around a bit.

Hurray!  I am the great white hunter now.

Well no.  I take no glee from shooting nuisance animals.  It's just something that needs done from time to time.  Shooting all manner of vermin was an everyday thing on the farm and this is a farm of sorts.  Any critter that's not going be sold and is doing damage has forfeited its mangy life.

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