24 January 2014

Incomplete Data

GURPS is usually so much better at this too.

The Army is replacing the 80 year old M3 tripod with the M205 tripod for the M2HB and M2A1 machine guns.

Repeated several times in the announcement is the new tripod is 34 lb. and that's "more than" 16 lb. lighter than the M3...

That's sort of true.

The M3 tripod is 44 lb.  44 - 16 ≠ 34 you may notice.

The M205 is 34 lb. INCLUDING a pintle and traverse and elevation (T&E) mechanism.

The pintle and T&E for the M3 tripod adds 6.3 lb to the package.  50.3 - 16 = 34.3 which makes the lighter than statement true.

My GURPS gripe is that the T&E and pintle are never mentioned.  Additionally, there's no price listed for most of the tripods.  I know that MG's are prohibitively expensive, so players often don't buy them, but every item of equipment listed in the game should have a price and weight.

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