02 April 2018

20 X

Twenty times the rated lifespan!

Pic taken almost 17 hours past the 20x mark.  I'm getting better at adjusting the settings so you can see the dot and something in the background!
This is the dot cranked up to 8 from its normal 4.

If it makes it a year, or 8,760 hours, I think I will change the battery and call it good.

A year on an everyday, common, you-can-find-them-at-a-gas-station AA battery is good enough.

I should mention after all this time that "Can I get batteries at a gas station?" is an important criteria for me in optics selection where the optic is dead without power.

The Primary Arms 5x on Dottie has an etched reticule so it will work without the illuminator for example.

Again, if you have a side rail on your AK clone and you need a red dot for it, this is $350 well spent!

I might even have to pay for one next time.

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