11 April 2018

The Picture That Killed My Camera

I bought a WBP laminated stock for Tonya.

I was trying to recreate this picture:

I don't think I did to bad recreating the scene, the problem is that the color pic was taken with my phone.

I set my camera on the nearby bench to set up the subject.  Then when I picked up the camera, the strap snagged on the edge of the bench and snatched it right out of my hands.  SMASH!

That's not an optical illusion, it's really at an angle.

Let us mourn the loss of a beloved camera.  The Canon S5IS.

I wanted an excuse to buy a camera with replaceable lenses...  Bet I can't afford it.  Anyone got a Canon EOS 60D they don't want?


  1. You also have bad timing. Six months ago I replaced my older Canon DSLR with a newer one and we could have talked, but it's long gone. Neither is full frame, but I honestly gave up waiting for full frame DSLRs to come down in price.

    I get a weekly camera news letter from DP Review ( https://www.dpreview.com/ ) The industry buzz is that DSLRs are on the way out in favor of mirrorless cameras. Think Canon M100 and a whole product line. They are usually smaller profile and easier to carry around.

    Canon has an online store that sells factory refurbished cameras, and I bought a refurbished T6i. They include a manufacturer's warranty and are usually substantially below what you can get a new camera for. You may get a gray market camera off eBay for less, but you won't get one from someplace that you know you'll get the warranty.

    1. I agree that mirrorless is the future. We just need to wait for the last photography snob who mourns film (but hasn't used it in decades) to die so we can ditch the now unnecessary mechanical parts that are supposed to keep light off the film.

      The frustrating thing is the lens series are different for the DLSR and Mirrorless. Hate to commit and get vested to find my lenses abandoned. I have my mom's old (dead) Minolta 35mm and its lenses. Useless lenses now.

      The feature set that I'm after is decidedly odd. I want to use the LCD screen as the viewfinder. I want that screen to fold out so I can see it at odd angles. Mirrorless is ideal! Except for that lens problem...

      I figure that once Canon (or Nikon) merges the lines what I want will be the norm.

      I also find that since I learned camera on Canon that Nikon's just feel strange. FuzzyGeff has been describing his experiences with Panasonic's cameras. He likes them, but I can see in photos that I'd have a lot of relearning where the controls are and how they work.

      It's like changing between Windows and Mac!


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