26 April 2018

Kudoes Oklahoma!

Oklahoma has passed Constitutional Carry!

Congratulations Sooners!


  1. It looks like it has cleared the House and rumor has it the Senate will also pass it. Then there's the governor... Crazy Mary signed open carry a while back. Since then, she's become 'a bit' unpredictable. Hopefully she signs it, given the opportunity.

    I wouldn't say this has been done completely under the radar, but there hasn't been a lot of publicity leading up to it.

  2. And....
    It's dead.

    The senate passed it late last Thursday, then left town early on Friday. The governor sat on it a week and vetoed it late the next Friday (today.) In the interim, The Oklahoma City Chamber president placed a half page 'letter' in the OKC newspaper speaking against the bill. After that came a full page ad from Moms Demand Anything. that same out of state money paid for billboards and other advertising.

    The governor is term limited and will be out of office this fall. She's already washed out of the U.S. House, so it'll be interesting to see who's writing her paychecks next.

    1. If there's any justice; Target.

    2. It would be about right. We're talking about a woman who had her adult daughter living in a travel trailer on the Governor's Mansion property.


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