24 April 2018

Chon Moses Blowning

One of the local pawn shops has a Chinese made clone of an Ithaca model 37.

Marked at a quite reasonable price, but just enough to keep me from checking the couch.

I admit I've wanted an Ithaca for a while.

I want one in the same way as I've wanted a Browning Auto-5.

Just slightly less than the current owner wants to sell it.

My problem with getting more shotguns is I've got two already.  I don't use them for anything.

I have the 870 because I think every gun owner should have a pump or auto shotgun at minimum.

The Model 12 Heavy Duck came to me via Willard for fixing it.  He had the same look on his face when I figured out the problem in a couple minutes that I do when my buddy JT, calmly, explains a simple fix to a computer problem to me.

The model 12 is iconic and interesting!  It's a neat gun to take apart and Grok in fullness.

The Ithaca has the same appeal.  Assuming the Chinese didn't change all but how it looks.

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  1. I've got several shotguns and rarely use any of them... Remington 870 for similar reasons to yours... Mine has mag extension, Choate folder, poly pump grip, etc. Savage 67E in case I was ever to want to hunt birds. It is a very respectable looking pump gun. A Fox Sterlingworth SxS that belonged to my great grandfather and a 16 ga single shot that belonged to my Grandma. And a Saiga 12... just because it is a "lead delivery system" and way too much fun. Modified for 922R compliance with US parts. 10 round box magazines and an AK style action. It would get a lot more range time but it is picky on ammo it likes. And the stuff it likes tends to be expensive. Alas.


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