04 April 2018

A Wee Bit Of A Divide

Pro-gun, and armed to the teeth, YouTubers get faced with demonitization and censorship from YouTube:

They find an alternate means of funding and explore alternate methods of posting their videos; up to and including hosting them on a porn site.

Vegan, animal-rights activist; faced with the same crisis:

Shoot up innocent people who happen to be inside the YouTube headquarters building without regards to if they had anything do to with her loss of income, or not.

It's not us.

It's you.

Fix yourselves because it's not the guns.

1 comment:

  1. And with the exception of the Woman's March and the Bloomberg's kids March (which appears to be 90% the constituents of the Woman's March) lefties have a tough time protesting without rioting (which is now referred to as a "mostly peaceful protest).


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