10 April 2018

Telling The Wrong Story Again

"The newly signed law is clearly proving its worth to law enforcement and the public," Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said Monday after the announcement of Smith’s arrest. "We are thankful to have this valuable tool at our disposal to help keep deadly weapons out of the hands of individuals who demonstrate an obvious threat to themselves or others."

If it's coming from Should-Be-Unemployed-Not-Sheriff Scott Israel, then I am suspicious of the need.

But since it is coming from this worthless parasite.
Broward deputies sought the order in Smith’s case after he was arrested March 29 on an attempted murder charge for allegedly firing six shots into the back of a car being driving by his best friend, Jackon Lavon, 34.
Did you know before that stupid law was passed that someone who was under indictment for a violent felony is barred from possessing firearms?  It's almost certainly part of the conditions of his bond.

They didn't need the new law to get a warrant and seize his guns.

Another thing, as they breathlessly report seizing "hundreds of rounds of ammuntion,"

Lego Minifig and dollar bill for scale.
That tiny little box contains "hundreds of rounds" and represents an investment of just under $50.

If they came to most any gun-blogger's house that would read "thousands of rounds" and it's just not that many rounds when you think of how many shots get fired at a typical bowling pin match.

Heck, isn't hundreds of rounds what Tam shoots while she waits for her coffee to brew?

Non shooters think that's a lot of ammo.

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  1. The last year I was competing 81-82, I used 38,000 primers for reloading. Spent damn near every extra cent I had and could earn. I guess that would put me in the WTF category? Hundreds of rounds, warm up.


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