23 April 2018

Clamp On Bipod Comparison

The Poles basically copied the M3 bipod that was, briefly, issued to US troops with the M16A1.

Looks almost the same, works the same.

wz.88 on Left, M3 on Right.
M3 on Top, wz.88 on Bottom.  They're spring loaded so you have to hold them closed somehow.
The M3 bipod came along after the M16 rifle, so it was designed to fit an existing place on the front sight base.  The wz.88 was designed with the rifle, so a space was built into the rifle to fit it.

There's a rim forward of the gas-block.  The bipod fits between that rim and the cleaning rod lug.
The wz.88 bipod even has a wedge cut out of it to allow some swivel with the cleaning rod attached.  The M3 bipod doesn't have this because the M16 never required cleaning and thus has no cleaning rod cleaning kit, including a multi-piece rod, are stored in a pouch or in the buttstock.

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