16 April 2018

Back From The Dead

This is my mom's old Minolta XG-A 35mm SLR.

I'd thought it dead and just couldn't bear to toss it because I remember telling me how expensive it was.

Turns out the death was from the silver cell batteries in her bag all being well past their use-by dates.

The MS76 battery turns out to be the ever popular 357 batt, and the camera actually powered up!

It doesn't need much power to run, but it needs SOME power to run.

I got some 35mm Kodak Gold 400 film and we shot up half a roll in wholly inadequate light.  Mom's flash having been eaten by leaking batteries when I'd inherited the bag.

It's got three lenses total, one being telephoto from her birdwatching days.  JCPenny/Pentax brand made just for Minolta cameras.  Kinda neat!

1 comment:

  1. I have an old Olympus OM-1 that is the same way. Too expensive to throw out, but outdated for todays picture taking. Several very expensive lenses. I gave it to my oldest daughter, as a keep sake, since it was my camera from high school, when I developed my own pictures in the school darkroom.


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