11 April 2018

There Is A Limit To The Abuse Someone Will Take

You probably know this couple.

She's a raging bitch.  Constantly verbally berating her husband.

It goes on for years and he hits her.

He goes to jail for domestic abuse.

The only person surprised that she got punched is HER.

Was he right to hit her?  No.

But do we understand why he did?  Yes.  There's a dissonance between someone asking for something and getting what they were asking for because replying to verbal abuse with physical abuse isn't proportionate.

I fear that we're going down a similar road with guns.

The pro-gun side has been quietly sucking it up for decades now.

The anti-gun side's abuse has gotten ever more vile and shrill.

Baseless accusations and seeking to punish the innocent, and often succeeding in getting people who've done no wrong punished.

Sooner or later the abused is going to retaliate.  It will be disproportionate to the actual harm done.

It will not be pretty.

As final as that response might be for the people slinging abuse, you wonder why they are asking for it so damn hard.


  1. "Sooner or later the abused is going to retaliate. It will be disproportionate to the actual harm done."

    And the voices condemning it will be more muted than expected. I don't think they understand the amount of No-Shits-Given that has been accumulating.

  2. If they are so scared of people with guns, then why do they try so hard to piss them off?

  3. How else are they going to get their Reichstag Fire that would give them the free hand they desire to deal with us as they see fit?

    1. Knowing that the retaliation will be regarded as a "Fort Sumter" or "Reichstag Fire" moment means there's even less incentive for the response to be limited.


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