30 April 2018

Once Upon A Time

During the run-up to the election where Bobdole got whumped by Bill Clinton...

The Ames Issac Walton League had a sporting clays tournament for the Iowa Straw Poll.

I was a member in good standing and had done the sporting clays thing before, so I was invited to attend and shoot.

The candidates were cool about things and pressing the flesh.

The Secret Service in attendance were... twitchy.

Especially since my shotgun looked like:

Safe gun handling all around, but lots of people, lots of guns, lots of media.

But never once did the Secret Service demand that Ike's run things differently than any other sporting clays event.  Contrast that with how they're doing the NRA Annual Meeting.

I didn't win.  I came in solidly mid-field in the "field" shotgun class.  I am not even totally certain of what the rules were anymore.

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