28 April 2018

Is This Something?

This sure looks like something. (pdf warning).

I've long held that if someone is safe to be out of prison, they're safe to do anything I can do.

I've also long held that too many crimes are felonies.

I welcome a decision to let felons own guns!

Remember, felons could own firearms until the 1968 Gun Control Act went into effect and the ban on felon possession did nothing to lower crime rates...


  1. I concur. My only stipulation to felons owning or possessing guns is if they are on some kind of supervision (probation or parole). As a condition of supervision, I don't believe they should be allowed to possess firearms due to the fact that we don't trust them enough to be unsupervised.

    But if you're not on supervision, and not in jail, you should have full restoration of rights.

  2. My rule of thumb in these matters is that anyone allowed to vote should be permitted to own firearms, since anyone who can't be trusted with the one shouldn't be allowed the other. I have yet to hear a convincing argument for the contrary.

    1. Voter ID is racist? Nope, that's not convincing...

  3. I totally agree with you in spirit.

    That being said I don't know if we want to, or are able to lock up every person who has multiple minor assault charges.

    IMHO, if you're the type of person who routinely uses your fists when you should use your words I don't think you can be trusted with arms.

    (Of course if the person has a really habitual problem, that will eventually graduate to lockup)

    And all that being said it really all boils down to what Louisiana Guy said above, if you find yourself as "that guy" if you can get your shit in order and change your behavior, that's good enough to have the rights restored.


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