01 April 2018


Dear advertisers panicking because a bully is threatening to take your lunch money for sponsoring a given talking head who is mocking them because they're whining.

Do you really think he and his followers are your customers?  Do you think that they will be?

Do you think that I am?

Some of you are going to be finding out what side your bread is buttered on soon as people who are customers stop paying for virtue signalling.

By breaking contracts to stop advertising with Laura Ingraham to placate the bully David Hogg you are placing another ad buy.

It was successful.  You've indicated you don't want my money any more, and I am here to assure you that you're not getting any more.  Do you think that enough of the bully David Hogg's vapid followers are going to sign up for your services to make up for losing me and people like me?

Get woke, go broke.

Can you hear me Heathers?

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