13 April 2018

We Don't Really Have A High Horse Here

We, ourselves, used to call semi-automatic rifles what looked like select-fire military issue guns "assault rifles."

© MCMLXXXVI (aka 1986)

Hoisted by our own petard, we are.

Jack was still calling these guns assault rifles as late as 2004.

The thing is, it doesn't matter what they're called.

We could call them 28" Black Rubber Cocks and it would change neither what they are or that we have a right to have them.

It's not a matter of labels, it's a matter of rights.

Fine, it's an assault rifle, so?


Semi-Auto military pattern rifle.
Modern Sporting Rifle.
Assault Weapon.
Assault Rifle.

Machts Nichts!


Pick a synonym.  It doesn't change what it is or what's going on.

The NFA should never been passed.  The GCA should never have been passed.  Without those we'd have never needed the FOPA and gotten the Hughes amendment to it.

It's all unconstitutional.  A violation of our rights.

We've a right to own any small arm.  We've probably got a right to artillery too, privately owned cannon and warships were a thing in 1789.

We've a right to have arms.  For numerous reasons, or no reason at all.

PS: While we're getting pissy about nomenclature.

The first "assault rifle" the US adopted is properly referred to as "Rifle, 5.56mm, M16 (NSN: 1005-856-6885)" or "Rifle, 5.56mm, M16A1 (NSN: 1005-073-9421).

The earlier M14, which was an "assault weapon" in its M1A form, is still just "Rifle, 7.62mm, M14 (NSN: 1005-589-1271).

Real live MACHINE GUNS are just "rifle" when you talk to the military about it.


  1. We've probably got a right to artillery too, privately owned cannon and warships were a thing in 1789.

    "Probably"? Listen, you gun-banning government supremacist, we've got a right to nuke bombs and the nuke submarines and ICBMs to deliver them with. Which is not to say it is valid to point a nuke at me (meaning I'm within range of blast or fallout), and I won't believe you when you say it is unarmed. Bearing your doomsday device while staying within the bounds of industrial safety is your problem. Otherwise, you get charged with millions of counts of reckless endangerment. Not like the US military gets this correct, either.

    Everybody is worried about nukes in the hands of nuts because they more clearly understand that risk, but the near-future holds much worse, which can be built in a garage without poisonous rare chemical elements. Battery-powered robot wasps with deadly poison stingers, made by the cubic yard to flood a building. Designer diseases triggered by ethnic markers. Volcano lair villain stuff even the comic books haven't gotten around to yet.

    Meanwhile, what actually makes the NFA, CFA, etc. enforceable is the average persons' aid and comfort. Their turning in dis-obeyers to those laws. Would they do this to Jews in the attic? Maybe.

    1. You clearly ain't read the whole blog going off and accusing ME of being a gun banner.

      But you might wanna re-read the comments policies that appear when you click on the comment button. Be more polite next time, huh?

    2. Conceding you might not have a right to artillery makes you a gun-banner. Imagine some redneck in a bar says he shot the LEO who objected to him putting an oil filter on the end of his deer rifle. Anyone who tips off the police about these "crimes" is a gun-banner. Almost everybody is a gun-banner, and will assist other gun-banners to maintain "order".

    3. And anyone who partners up with someone to achieve a goal is a statist.

      Anyone who has sex is a rapist.

      Try making your point in a less idiotic way. How about on your BRAND NEW LiveJournal that you appear to have created just to comment here.

  2. Hi Angus,
    Talk about "Rifle!!!!" The "BB" Class Navy war ships,eg., The USS NEW JERSEY, had 12 ea., 16 inch 'rifles!!" Each capable of catapulting a Volkswagen "Bug" sized projectile some 29 miles!!! You want "Rifles??," Let's get serious!!!!

    1. I can't afford the sighting system for one of those.


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