21 April 2018


Yesterday the internet unceremoniously went down at 1114.

I did the normal troubleshooting check of rebooting the router.

No dice.

So I called my provider and reset the router a couple more times and waited while they reset the ONT and another switch remotely.

No dice.

An appointment is scheduled for today, 0800 to 1200.

To my shock, I got a call from a tech right at 1630 yesterday.  He was in the driveway and wondering if he could come and look at it.

Sure!  Says I.

He checks the router.  He checks the ONT.  He checks the wires going from the fiberoptic to the ONT and from the ONT to the router.

All check fine.

He replaces the router anyway.

He replaces the ONT, just in case.

No dice!

He calls his field service center (FSC) and, warming my heart, gets the same hold music I get when I call.

They do several checks.

No dice.

The FSC admits, after a bit of circling, that there was a major outage in my area and I was part of it.

The tech sighs.  Admits there's nothing more he can do, but it's an open ticket.  He gives me his business card and says to call him if we're not back up by 1000.

We weren't.  I cannot find the card.

I call customer service to see if they can forward to the tech that we're not up and would be glad to see him again.

Customer service tells me that there WAS an outage, but that was fixed.  I say, "No, the outage is just smaller now."  She laughed.

She does the same resets as the first person did yesterday and the light on the router changes from red to white!  We're back!


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