09 April 2018

Not A Tantal

 From my GURPS: Twilight 2000 conversion:

 Tulamash AKM-R (5.45x39mm): As the AK-74 supplanted the AKM in service, and the expanding war with China increased weapon losses, large numbers of AKMs were rebarreled and modified to fire the AK-74's 5.45mm cartridge to maintain standardization of supply while taking advantage of a mountain of surplussed rifles.

Willard's gun is an AKM-R!

It's got a receiver that's more AKM than Tantal or AK-74.  His stock and handguard are AKM pattern.

This is a fine example of an AKM-R made in a Polish arsenal.

I'll bet Willard thought he was safe from being sucked into my T2K silliness too!

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