03 April 2018


Took Tonya back out to the range with new information about getting her zeroed.

The Nikon Spot-On app has a "where your group should be at a given range if you're zeroed at another given range."

You tell it what kind of ammo you're using and viola!

Hornady's 60gr V-Max in 5.45x39 should hit about an inch low at 25 yards with a 100 yard zero.

Said another way, if you zero it to hit about an inch low at 25 yards, you've got a 100 yard zero.

The main reason I was out today with her was me initially zeroing for 100 yards at 100 yards with the rear sight set to the battle sight setting.  I should have had it on the 100m setting.

The difference between yards and meters don't really matter here.

Top group, set to the battle sight.  Bottom group set to 100m.  Aiming at the center.

I gave the front sight 3/4 of a turn of the sight tool and...

Then I dropped another 25 rounds through her to see if the zero took.

That, as they say, will do!

I can tell I'm getting used to her, the groups tightened up a lot while I was shooting.


  1. What optic are you using? Spot On really does work great !

    1. With Tonya? Iron sights!

      I got the idea to install Nikon's app when I got my Savage package gun; which came with Nikon glass.

  2. Wow! Nice shooting. Let me know when you are ready for a scope and I'll help you tighten those groups.


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