08 April 2018

Is .600 Nitro Enough Medicine?

If you're hunting Tyrannosaurus Rex?

.600 Nitro-Express does a shoulder punishing 5dx2 pi++

A T-rex is an 18,600 lb. critter.  That gives a ST of 2*((18,600)^(1/3)) or a "mere" 53.

HP = ST so 53 hit points.

Rex has DR of 2.

Minimum damage from a .600 Nitro-Express on the body is 16.  Average damage is 66 (consciousness roll).  Maximum damage is 116 (1 death roll).

With a HT of 15, it's likely going to keep making those rolls to stay awake and alive, but it's hurt.

The Tyrannosaur's closest living relative is Gallus Gallus Domesticus, so if one is familiar with chicken innards, one should be able to nail the vitals.  It's a net +2 to hit them thanks to the large size.

Minimum damage to the vitals is 24.  Average damage is 99 (still no death rolls).  Maximum damage is 174 (2 death rolls).

The brain is the kill shot, but it's a -2 to hit.

Minimum damage, through the skull is 24.  Average damage is 124 (death roll!).  Maximum damage is 224 (3 death rolls).

The structure of the skull doesn't allow for an eye hit to bypass DR and strike the brain.

Yes, they're tough.  But take heart, Troubleshooter!  An elephant has 45 hit points and DR 4 and .600 Nitro just about cleared the continent of them.


  1. I’ve always liked the idea of the .600 Nitro, never fired one but I’ve handled several. Old Africa in my hands! I have often thought of getting a heavy double barreled 20 ga and pretending it was a.600.

    1. I've gotten to shoot the .450 version and marveled that they made BIGGER versions.


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