30 April 2018

Innocent Obliteration

It's illegal to remove or deface the serial number on your firearm.

What's the procedure for when something happens that obliterates the serial number without criminal intent?

Like if a boss broke off and the serial number gets wiped out by the weld to reattach it?

Or some idiotic accident nails it.

It occurs to me to ask because Marv welded up the boss that lets the trigger guard pivot for disassemble on an FÉG PA-63 and that weld is VERY close to the serial number.

It didn't intrude on the number, but if his weld fails, he's going to have to cut into that area to fix it.

I also, recently dropped my angle grinder behind my bench.  It gouged up a transmission tail-snout pretty good before I fished it back out.  Gouged enough that if there'd been a serial number in there, it'd be gone.

The location of the serial on a Browning Hi-Power is such that it might just get worn off from handling... if you handle it a lot.

There must be something to allow you to fix a damaged serial number.


  1. Get in touch with one of my readers who is a manufacturer and knows about all that stuff. Sending you his email.

  2. I've heard about people getting a serial number issued for weapons with unreadable ones; I forget if they went to the manufacturer or to the ATF for it.

  3. I have seen serial numbers electro penciled on imported firearms.
    If the original stamped number and electro penciled or re-stamped numbers match, why not.
    However, that would be expecting the govt. to have a bit of common sense.


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