04 April 2018

What Kind Of Gun

It's not morbid curiosity that drives gunnies to ask, "what kind of gun" was used in the latest highly publicized shooting.

It's so we can point out how many laws were broken before the first round was chambered, let alone fired.

To show that the measures the anti-gun people seek to impose were in place and failed to stop it.

Since the latest publicity spectacle happened in California and didn't make the FBI's requisite minimum number for a "mass shooting" I expect this to quiet down quickly.

California has almost all of the laws the gun banners keep saying are needed to stop these crimes.  Yet we keep hearing about murders like this in California...

It's like gun control is completely ineffective!


  1. Well given the consistency of these nuts doing their thing in gun free zones, I would argue that gun control actually encourages such behavior, and emboldens the garden variety street hoodlum.

  2. This one will go away instantly because nothing about it fits The Narrative. I'd be surprised if it was on any of the big networks even now.

    1. Tam says it's still on the morning vapid bubble news show and makes an analogy to that being the same as being above the fold on a newspaper.

      I'll take "places that most people don't look to for news anymore" for 1,000.

      What are newspapers and television?

    2. I am guilty of not checking the major networks, that’s a rough assignment, but my belief it comes from “not fitting the narrative” comes from my own observations not Rush or anyone else.


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