11 April 2018

More Granularity

The original Twilight: 2000 has all of the Warsaw Pact nations using the AK-74.  It was surprising considering it went to the effort of getting all of the NATO nations rifles right.

In point of fact, only The Soviet Union (AK-74) and East Germany (license manufactured as the MPi-AK74-N) had made the change of the nations listed in the default setting.

Poland sort of adopted the AK-74 in the form of the Tantal.

Czechoslovakia never even adopted the AK!  Their adoption of 7.62x39 went with the natively designed vz.58.

Hungary stuck with an AKM variation designated AMM.

Of the nations not covered in the original game:

Bulgaria adopted and licensed manufactured the AK-74.
Romania adopted the Pușcă Automată model 1986 (PA md. 86) which, like Poland, is a sort-of AK-74.

Well, not all of NATO is mentioned...

The USA was given the, then new, M16A2.  I've made the M16A4 and M4 available.

Canada was given the M16A2, I've changed that to the proper C7A1.

The UK was correct with the L85, I just updated the variant with L85A2.

West Germany was given the G11 and G3.  I added the G41.

Not mentioned in default setting...

Austria should have the Steyr StG.77 (AUG).

Belgium should have the FN FNC.

Denmark should have the Diemaco Gevær M/95 (C7A1)

Greece would have both the H&K G3 and FN FAL.

Iceland uses the H&K G3 and Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk AG-3 (a Danish G3).

Italy uses the Beretta AR70/90.

Netherlands should have the Diemaco C7 and C7A1.

Norway bought Danish licensed built the G3 as the Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk AG-3.

Portugal would have the H&K G3 as the m/961 and the FN FAL as the m/962.

Spain would be limping their native CETME L along.

Turkey license manufactures the H&K G3.

France didn't rejoin NATO in the T2K timeline but is mentioned as rocking the St. Étienne GIAT FAMAS F1.

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