06 April 2018

Clearly We Need More Gun Control

A Tampa man was stabbed to death in a road rage incident.

The police promptly found the assailant and are charging him with 2nd degree murder.

Again, it's not the guns.

Notice the part of the story, "[Assailant] has prior arrests for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment and battery.

Clearly he was never convicted, or that would be mentioned, but we had someone with a clear temper problem out there.  It makes you wonder if the prosecutor should have tried harder when arrest became arrests for his violent nature.

Stopping this kind of thing is damnably difficult, if not impossible, while retaining freedoms we cherish.  I think I'll take the risk to retain those cherished freedoms.

I'd hate there to be a joke that goes:

"What's the difference between living in the USA and prison?"

"In prison you don't have to pay rent!"

No word on if the assailant had a clear backpack or not.

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  1. One solution would be switching from a justice system that has a bleeding heart mentality where it sees the good in every lost soul and allows every anti-social deed get plea bargained to lesser crimes, and switch to a system where violent antisocial behavior is treated as any sane person would treat it, and the people who are let off are simply the people who are wrongfully accused.

    There are no virgin killers in this country, just like the jerk in Parkland, most of the killers let you know they are broken toys long before they cause any lasting damage .

    We live in a country when the proverbial oil pressure warning comes on, they plea bargain it down to low washer fluid, and then mandate airbags and seat belt alarms when the block seizes.


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