12 April 2018

Not Just Gun-Free

Public schools are also self-defense free zones too!

I've mentioned before that I was bullied.

Once I learned the lesson that the way out of being bullied was to fight back I also encountered the policy of punishing everyone in the fight.


The bully was used to detention, so water off a duck's back.

Me?  I felt it was an injustice to be punished for merely defending myself.

One instance of fighting back is never enough to convince the bully.  You have to show them the power structure change is permanent.

Knowing that I would be punished for fighting back meant the the launch codes were entered and the keys were turned to the left.

It took all the restraints off my response to the bully.

I've literally seen the red curtain of rage and come back to myself with TWO teachers pulling me off my bully.  Me, with one arm wrapped back around his head, teeth bared, going literally for the throat.

Explain to me, again, Liberal Education Person, how your anti-violence, anti-bully policies and programs prevent the people of a violent nature from driving a person who embraces the willow strategy over the oak to mindless rage and violence.

I didn't snap that day from the first instance of abuse.

School policy indicated, to me, that they weren't going to do anything to stop it and I was left to my own devices to find a solution.

Come to think on it, once it had gotten around that Thag was actually dangerous, Thag got left alone by the predators who'd just noticed that the apex was a bit uphill from where they stalked.

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