23 April 2018

Am I Having A Heart Attack?

No, but here's a panic attack to make your heartburn and twinged back more fun!

I was moving things around to take the bipod pic and after I bent over from getting the M3 bipod out for the M16A2 pics I had a sudden numbness in both arms, but mostly in the left.

That was alarming, and the alarmed response made me feel dizzy too and fluttery and...

Well, panic attack!

The Lovely Harvey had come home early for pierogi casserole and being a former CNA took my blood pressure and heart rate.

BP good, heart rate fine.

Heart was still POUNDING from being afraid, but the rate was way down from peak panic.

So I took a nice, hot, relaxing shower and laid down for an hour or so.

I'm feeling a ton better.

Knowing you're having a panic attack and doing something with that knowledge are not within my sphere of influence.

PS:  Make that recipe!  It's very good.  I recommend heating up the cream cheese and getting it good and blended with the chicken broth before you get it going.  Also disperse the cheddar cheese well within the pot, stirring at the halfway mark ruptures the half-cooked pierogis and robs it of some if the presentation value; but not the flavor.

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