15 April 2018

From The Desk Of Alex Garland

Dave, remember back in film school when were talking about shots we were going to do?  You know, that whole shots that really belong in another genre discussion we had?

You, owe me a coke!

I just got my "shot through a glass of water on table focused on two lover's hands," into a FUCKING SCIENCE FICTION MOVIE!

And the best part, Dave, is the rest of the movie is pretentious twaddle!  You compare this to 2001 and Kubrick seems like a documentarian explaining how to get to Saturn Jupiter!

Hell, his ending makes more sense!

The monkeys at the beginning of 2001 are more likeable and have more emotional range than I let my actresses get away with.  Oh, and you've seen them in other projects.  You know they can actually act, I DID NOT LET THEM!

I'm totally going to get an Oscar for this, and you owe me a coke.


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