29 April 2018

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

Because I am a Toy's R Us kid!

But We Be Toyz 'n Shit is going away.

I can recall the highlight of the bi-weekly trip to the mall in far away metropolitan Ames was the toy department in JCPenny's.

Then one day, JCPenny's didn't have toys.

Then Sears...

Montgomery Wards had a toy department when they closed forever, taking their excellent cafeteria with it.

I've been watching toy sections disappearing for a long time.

I lived in what was the heyday of toys, apparently.

When we lived in Bolingbrook, we had Toy's R Us and Dispensa's Castle of Toys.

Both are now gone.

I am sad.


  1. My daughter goes toy shopping in Target (as well as discount and dollar stores) the rest is Amazon.

    For right now that works for her. When I was older, toy shopping became a surgical strike. I knew what I wanted, I saved up my money, then I bummed a ride and bought it, then started saving for the next item.

    For that behavior, Amazon is ideal.

  2. Gone are the days of excitement when entering a toy store. While Amazon is convenient as hell, you lose all the excitement of just browsing what's on offer. Picking it up, checking it out, nope, that's all gone.

    I can't take my grandkids to a toy store, and that really sucks.


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