06 April 2018

The Agony Of 'What If'

That is the only known picture of a genuine Polish Karabinek wzór 1988 with a fixed stock.  Pic stolen from Ian.

The story of the Tantal is a long and torturous one, tantalian you could say...

What we know is every wz.88 that was actually made came with the abominable wire stock.  We also know that it was replaced by the 5.56x45mm NATO Karabinek wzór 1996 "Beryl" before much production had occurred, around 25,000 guns over five years.

What if production had continued until that fateful Thanksgiving in 1997?

Would a fixed stock version have been standardized and widely issued?  It's possible that the folding stock version got initial priority because motor-rifle units got the first issues with other units getting their guns later?  Non-motorized units didn't need the folding capability.

Of course, every Beryl is a folder, so...

The Beryl came out in 1996, in time for the war, so the first model stock for the wz.96 could have replaced the abominable wire stock in T2K just before the war went nuclear.

I love the agony!


AK-Builder sells the appropriate laminated wood. 

The original non-telescopic Beryl stock is thin on the ground in the USA.

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